Custom Quilting

We are in hopes that you will wish to try out our services as far as getting your top quilted is concerned.  We have tried to make the process easy by giving you some links to go to on this page.

One request that we have for all that wish to use our services: Since Joyce is allergic to cat hair, we ask that you please remove all cat hair from your top before bringing or sending it to be quilted.  We are sorry if this is an inconvenience to you but we must keep the quilter healthy or there will be no quilting.  Thank you for helping us in this matter.

Preparing Your Top To Be Quilted

How To Prepare Your Quilt Back

We have given you some guidelines to go by when building your quilt top.  This process actually starts when you chose the fabrics that you are going to place in your top.  Then there are some things that you can do to help the quilter do a better job on your quilt.  The finished product, after following these steps always makes you a much more satisfied customer.

Quilting Prices

Under this entry you will see our Pricing structure.  You will be able to compute for yourself pretty close just how much it will cost you to get a quilt done at DbarJ Quilts etc.

Order Form

Here you can print out an Order Form to be sent or brought with your top.  We request one of these forms be completed for each quilt so that we are sure that we do your quilt to your satisfaction.  We want this quilt to be how you want it, not what we think that your quilt should be.

Mailing Instructions

If you are out of state or think you are too far to bring your quilt to the shop then you will want to read the Mailing Instructions so that your quilt will make the safest trip possible.  These are the same steps that we use when returning your quilt to you.

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