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Shop Hopping

Shop Hopping
Joyce Mitchel

There are many ways to go Shop Hopping that will get your name in the prize drawing, but I guess you have to ask yourself what you want out of the experience.
If all you want is your name in the prize drawing that is fine but you should try the slower paced version at least once to see what you are missing.
My shop participates in a shop hop that has 8 different shops involved. Because of the landscape of the part of Missouri that we are from and the roads connecting the shops it makes for a very long drive. We have made it into a 3 day hop so everyone will have time to see all of the shops. Myself if I was shopping this hop I would make it a 2-day event and schedule a night out half way through.
You may be wandering why I would make it take two days, well that is because I like to shop and see what each shop has as inventory. Even before I owned a shop I was this way and am still with other stores in the area, I’m sure the True Value store wanders why I have to wear out the floor on every isle when I come in. I want to know what they have so if I need something at a later date I know where to get it. This holds true with quilt shops too, each shop has it’s own inventory and offers you a different shopping experience. I would want to take my time to see just what each shop had to offer; I may need to come back at a later date for a notion, craft item, or something.
I see so many during hop that come in the shop, never look at anything, just get that stamp and maybe purchase the block kit. And I say to each there own but it just doesn’t seem very enjoyable to me.
As a shop owner I love to talk quilting and I mean with everyone, so when you are in and out of the shop in a hurry then I miss out on visiting with you, finding out were you are from and helping you with all of your quilting needs.
How about the next time you shop hop or if it is your first time you take a few minutes and stop and see the fabric.

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