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Making Quilts for Friends

Making Quilts for Friends
Joyce Mitchel

As soon as friends and family members hear that you are starting to quilt, they will all want you to make them a quilt. This is great and one of the reasons that you got started anyway was to share your talent with others. There are some rules that you should apply to yourself at that starting point so that you do not get yourself into a project that you cannot do satisfactorily. First you should always be in control of what you are going to make. That means that you always pick the pattern that you use; others will not know how much skill you have and they may pick something that you are not able to accomplish just yet. If the skill level is too hard then you will not enjoy the project and therefore you will not do your best work because you will just want to get it done. Also you always choose the fabric; you want to make sure that the fabric will be something that you are used to using so that you can make a beautiful project to give to them. If someone asks you to make a quilt for him or her, the only thing you ask them is what color they would like for it to be. Then you can choose a pattern and fabric that will use the colors they suggested.

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  1. When someone asks me to make a quilt for them, I ask them what color then I will go through my patterns and select some for them to decide on which pattern they want. I usually have several on hands to give or sell but just in case. I have only had a couple that have seen a pattern and wanted me to make it. Fortunately they were not difficult. Doing it this way, I know I can make something that they will love.

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