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To Tear or to Cut Fabric

To Tear or to Cut
Joyce Mitchel

There is not a lot of fabric torn at fabric shops even today, but if you do not want your fabric torn then be sure that you let the clerk waiting on you know that. I personally do not like my fabric torn but I know that there are those out there that think it is the way to go. Their argument for tearing fabric is that it will always rip in a straight line or on the weave line. They are correct but then you have to cut away about an inch of your fabric to straighten up the distortion that the tearing makes in the fabric. Of course you could always do as some of them do and leave that distortion on and cut your pieces from it and then fight to add them to your quilt. Or you could trim off the distortion and waste that inch of fabric, just make sure that you buy enough extra to replace what you are cutting away. It is your quilt and your decision, one suggestion would be for you to take some scrap pieces and try tearing them and see what you end up with and what you can live with, then decide.

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