All About DbarJ Quilts

Who Are DbarJ Quilts etc.?

We are a small town quilt shop with a down home feel but a large town inventory.  We do custom quilting, custom quilt construction, custom quilting products (see our rulers), retail sales and classes.   We have a large selection of 100% cotton fabric as well as a full line of notions.  We love visiting with our customers trying to help them to solve the problems that may arise while working on a quilt top.  If we hear from you more than once we make you the equivalent of an extended family member.

How did DbarJ Quilts etc. come to be?

Hand quilting since she was a young girl Joyce Mitchel always wanted to own a machine quilter.  When her son went off to college it was time for this dream to come true.  What started out as a little hobby shop quickly turned into a full-blown quilt shop. We take in and send quilts all over the continental united states.

What does DbarJ mean or where does it come from?

DbarJ stands for Dean/Barry/Joyce.  Many years ago Barry, our son, was raising bobby calves and one year on the way to the state fair after seeing all the ranch names on the gates along the way we decided that our 5 acres needed a fancy name, so DbarJ was born.  When it came time to choose a name for the quilt shop, well there just wasn’t any other choose in the running.

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